Sunil Katta allows me book my appointments with Dr. K K khandelwal as per my convenience ie after 7pm when I get free from office,Its a very good service esp for service class people.
aayush tambi
Its the best way to reach Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma,have used it twice and the doctor sees us on time.Very Good Service.Keep up the good work
Rahul Rara
I had used for multiple times,have booked appointments with Dr. Anil Matai,Sandeep Nijhawan,G N Saxena,Suresh Gupta for my family members,Its the best way to save your time.Very good service, should start the same in other cities as well.
Praveen Maheshwari
Visiting Dr K K Khandelwal was very difficult as there were long waits due to long queues,but from now I visit him after booking appointments though & it takes me only 20 mins to get free,Excellent Service.
sachin khandelwal
I used for booking appointment with Dr. Shailendra Shrivastava,it was right on time & the best thing was that the doctor knew my name before I told him,felt priveleged,good going
Sanchi Rara
Before I came to know about I had to visit Dr Sandeep Nijhawan's clinic early in the morning to get an appointment & then in the evening for consultation & that too with long waits.Now I book appointments through as per my convenience & do not wait for long for consultaion.Good Service.
sunil lalwani
Getting an appointment with Dr GN Saxena & then waiting for long hours was very usual until we started booking appointments through has now become so easy as I get appointment time as per my choice & I do not have to wait for Long.Nice initiative by
The easiest way to get through long queues & long waits, esp when when you are visiting doctors like Ramesh Roop Rai.I book appointment every month through & have never faced any problem till date.Very good service
Vaibhav Kala
I had been booking appointments with Dr Sandeep Nijhawan through from past 4 months,it is the best way truly if you want to save your time & avoid waiting for long.
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