Ankur Garg
Visited Dr.Prem Prakash Patidar,it was a fabulous experience,booked appointment through & was seen on priority.
Dilip Kumar Gupta
Good services of as it has made taking appointments with top doctors so easy.Very good initiative.Should add more doctors.
alok joshi
Have been using from last 4 months for booking appointment with Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma,fully satisfied as it is the best way to save time.
Ashok Rara
Visited Dr Suresh Gupta after booking appointment through,was given priority by the doctor.Nice initiative.
Ankit Sharma
I had booked appointment with Dr G R Singhvi late night around 11 pm for next day morning 8.35 am & it was a fabulous experience when I went to the doctor.Gor free in only 15 mins.Very good service by
Abhishek Kumawat
Had a very good experience with Dr Rajeev Kumar Bansal whom I visited after booking appointment through
Rahul Rara
Visited Dr Suresh Gupta yesterday in the morning at 7.45 am after booking appointment through,the doctor saw us dot on time despite so many patients waiting for him.Best services till date.Very Good
Aniket Kedkar
I had been visiting Dr. G N Saxena since long & it took me hours to get free,but it has become very easy now after I started booking appointments through Done
Sandeep Kumar Singh
It was good to book appointment through as I never knew that I had a Gastroenterologist (Dr. Lokesh Jain) so near to me.Now I always visit him only.Good Services of
Pramila Rara
I visited Dr Raja Ram Agrawal a few days back after booking appointment through & i was surprised that the doctor called me inside his chamber at the exact time for which appointment was booked.It took me only 15 mins to get free,Great Service & extraordinary time savings.Thanks Bukdoc
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